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Mainzer Virtuosi is a young professional chamber orchestra ensemble founded in 2007 by Prof. Anne Shih and based in the Rhineland in Germany. The orchestra is comprised of top young players from Europe, North America and Asia. The soloists who perform with the orchestra are almost always from the orchestra itself, creating a very collegial and unique atmosphere, inspiring both the players and the audience.
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Next Concerts 2021


Musiktage am Rhein Festival in Neuwied – Engers

1. Konzert: Eröffnungskonzert

19:30h, Hof der Landesmusikakademie
Am Heinrichhaus 2, 56566 Neuwied-Engers


2. Konzert: Die Jahreszeiten

19:30h, Giesshalle Sayner Hütte
In der Sayner Hütte 4, 56170 Bendorf


3. Konzert: Sommernachtstraum

19:30h: Schloss – Burg Namedy, 56626 Andernach


4. Konzert

19:30h, Kath. Kirche St. Martin, Neuwied – Engers


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Musiktage am Rhein

From our second edition of the summer festival Musiktage am Rhein
in the Landesmusikakademie and Schloss Engers:

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©Ale Contreras Westermeyer

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